7 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Site

  You want traffic to your site. Lots of traffic. You want that traffic to linger and visit other areas of your site. You want traffic to produce new traffic by sharing your content and you’d love for them to ultimately hit the “buy now” button. Well those things can’t happen if we inadvertently drive […]

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Shoestring Budget Finds Innovative Financing

There are a number of articles and blog posts on how those with entrepreneurial aspirations can start their businesses on a shoestring budget. My question has always been, well whose shoestring are we talking about? A toddler’s shoestring is very different from that of, oh let’s say Shaquille O’Neal’s shoestring. Huge difference! I’ve worked with […]

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The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

I saw it for myself…live and in real time…the power of word of mouth marketing or WOMM. I was getting my pedicure at my favorite spa. I love this place for their atmosphere. No TVs blaring…Zen-like music plays and peace and tranquility oozes from the paint on the walls. It’s typically quiet…patrons understand it’s a […]

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