ShopTalk Ep 15: Customer Service and the Bottom Line

If you don’t think there’s a direct correlation between customer service and the bottom line you’d be sadly mistaken. Ninety-six percent of customers who have a bad service experience with your company are likely to leave your company without saying why. They won’t tell you, but they will tell their friends and more than likely […]

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Brilliant! How You Can Duplicate Zoho’s Marketing Strategy

This out-of-the-box marketing campaign was sheer genius and it’s not just because I’m a fan of Zoho products. One of Zoho’s competitors hosted a conference in San Francisco and of course Zoho wasn’t invited. But potential Zoho customers would be there and we all know the name of the game is to be where your customers or potential customers […]

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ShopTalk Ep 09: Better Conversations Through Content Marketing

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes November is Have Better Conversations Month and what better way to have great conversations with your target audience than through content marketing done right! If you’ve been on social media any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly  seen the phrase content marketing. [pullquote align=”left”] Rachel Parker Connect with Rachel! Twitter  [/pullquote] […]

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Your Email Subject Lines Matter

Today, approximately 144.6 billion emails will be sent worldwide. That’s a lot of emails and according to Pingdom, 68 percent will be spam and caught by your spam filter and another 61 percent of those emails will be considered nonessential proving the point, your email subject lines matter. I was reminded of this last week. […]

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Toaster Strudel, Millennials, and the Female Creative Director

It was something Kat Gordon said in our interview that connected with the TV commercial I was watching. I watched the commercial dazed and my very first thought was that there’s no way a female creative director came up with this concept. I could be wrong but not likely. That pesky three percent number persists […]

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I Just Don’t Get Twitter! [Infographic]

Whenever a group of business owners get together to network and discuss issues, without fail I’ll hear the comment, “I just don’t get Twitter.” I was a panelist for a Women Are Gamechangers event and sure enough someone cried this familiar lament. Judging by my audience, I knew not everyone would get the analogy I […]

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