Why Lying To Yourself is The Greatest Deception

When the Home Shopping Network (HSN) was very new, my sister and I would watch the show faithfully. We absolutely loved the jewelry segment of the show and who wouldn’t? Amazing gold filigree rings and necklaces. We watched thick gold Figaro bracelets and doorknocker bamboo earrings sellout in minutes. However, when you’re an unemployed teenager […]

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Dear Diary…The Benefits of Journaling

I’ve journaled off-and-on for the past 20 years. Some of my journals are leather, some are spiral bound, some I even created myself. I even tried online journaling but didn’t care for the online versions so much. I needed to put pen to paper and write it all out. What’s wonderful about each of them is that they all […]

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Practice What You Preach – Mastery Series

You’ve got journals full of insight and wisdom. Congratulations! You’ve talked with a trusted friend or counselor and have a better understanding on a few things. Awesome! You’ve gained some new perspectives through prayer and meditation. Fab-u-lous! Your aha moments are many and you’re reveling in all this new information and wisdom! Great! So…um…you do know you’re […]

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