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7 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Site

  You want traffic to your site. Lots of traffic. You want that traffic to linger and visit other areas of your site. You want traffic to produce new traffic by sharing your content and you’d love for them to ultimately hit the “buy now” button. Well those things can’t happen if we inadvertently drive […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Influencers

Being connected to influential people has its perks and this is why the Inflentials are approached and stalked. People like Oprah have helped catapult many an author to success because of her endorsement. These influencers are people we trust and look up to because they’ve achieved a certain level of success. I attended a class […]

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#WhyIStayed: Power of the Hashtag

If you’re a small business owner, you may have heard that using hashtags is good for business. I’ve sat in on webinars where experts say that journalists often search hashtags for stories and people to interview. This week those statements are being confirmed in the media. In the news is the story of Ray Rice […]

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How To Use Hashtags

You may remember it being called the pound sign, or the symbol for a rousing game of tic-tac-toe. Today it’s called the hashtag and it can help amplify your message on social media networks. How to use hashtags has caused some small business owners a bit of confusion. Especially when you see posts with hashtags like this: […]

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Link To My Site…Or Maybe Not

As long as I have been blogging, it has always been a good thing to include links to outside sources in your blog posts. Now backlinking is still a gray area for me. Yahoo still won’t let me participate as an expert and answer questions because of some erroneous online advice I followed years ago. […]

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I Just Don’t Get Twitter! [Infographic]

Whenever a group of business owners get together to network and discuss issues, without fail I’ll hear the comment, “I just don’t get Twitter.” I was a panelist for a Women Are Gamechangers event and sure enough someone cried this familiar lament. Judging by my audience, I knew not everyone would get the analogy I […]

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