Lisa works with organizations that want to master marketing and branding to increase profits, reduce learning curves, and improve employee engagement and productivity.

“I had the good fortune to host Ms. Alexander as a speaker. Not only was she engaging, funny, fluent, and prepared, but she was in my opinion, one of the best speakers the conference has hosted.” -Chairidee Smith

A good speaker will not only disseminate information, but will engage and interact with the audience and work with meeting planners to deliver a message that achieves their goal.

Lisa’s topics include:

What Million-Dollar Brands Know, Me, Incorporated: Personal Branding for Life and Work  , What If I Look Stupid? Effective Communication Skills for Women

It’s true that effective marketing and branding strengthens a company’s position and impact profitability. And if you’re planning a meeting for entrepreneurs, you want to equip your members with the marketing tools and strategies so their businesses can thrive.

Lisa Alexander knows how to keep the audience entertained and enlightened with her energetic, witty, uplifting and inspiring stage presence– and she is a master storyteller! Her down to earth style mixed with her knowledge and presentation skills are the perfect combination for a conference or meeting. She keeps her audience laughing while providing lessons they could take back and use immediately. I would go out of my way to hear her speak!

– Karen McCullough, Keynote Speaker

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