I’m clear why I’m here,
How about you?

-Jay Z, “Family Feud”

We all want our lives to have meaning and purpose. But figuring out that purpose isn’t always easy. We can go through college, start careers and families and still not be clear about why we’re here.

My online course, Me, Incorporated: Personal Branding for Life and Work helps you uncover your purpose and your why. And then how those things can be woven seeming less through your personal and professional life.

I’ve helped small business owners develop their brands for well over two decades. It’s something I love to do. In this digital age, personal branding has become just as important. I walk students through the same process I walk my clients through to unveiling who they are and what they’ll bring to the marketplace. I’m happy to do the same for you.

Are you ready?


Me, Incorporated

Personal Branding for Work and Life

Course Description

Personal branding is the practice of marketing oneself and their careers as brands and this idea of personal branding is growing! Me, Incorporated presented by marketing consultant, Lisa N. Alexander aka The Marketing Stylist™ will walk attendees through creating and defining their own personal brand. The same methodology Alexander uses with her clients, building mission and value statements, deciding on a persona based on the 12 Branding Archetypes and defining goals will be explored in this interactive presentation. Alexander also explores how “confirmation biases” affect personal branding.


Cassandra B. Anderson


Everyone enjoyed the seminar so very much. I’ve heard great feedback from some of the administrative assistants. Some of the comments were “Lisa is so-down-to earth and so relatable”; “Lisa makes you think outside of the box”; “It was a fun and educational seminar”; “I really enjoyed the seminar, thank you”; “Lisa is a great teacher”; “Lisa has a great sense of humor”. This was a great experience for our team.

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