Clients such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Golden Key International Honour Society, the Future Assistant Online Summit, and PPPA Virtual Summit all agree on the effectiveness of Me, Incorporated!

Me, Incorporated

Developing Your Personal Brand Story

Did you know that one-third of the skills listed on a 2017 job posting won’t be relevant in the current year’s job market?


But why is that?

Like it or not, automation and artificial intelligence technologies are taking over and changing the workplaces as we know them.

Employees will have to find a way to define and articulate their unique value proposition and learn how to differentiate themselves from automation technologies.

They have to understand that they bring powerful things like empathy, problem-solving, and critical thinking to the table — as humans clearly have an advantage in these things.

You must be thinking…

“How can I help my employees adapt to the changing workplaces?”

Well, the answer is simple…

Equip them with the tools to develop their own personal brand story. By doing so, you’ll help them discover their mission, vision, and unique value propositions and empower them to keep bringing tremendous value to your organization.

And that’s exactly where Me, Incorporated comes in.

This incredible online course empowers your employees to get crystal clear on their mission, vision, and values to build a personal brand and helps them master online & offline communication strategies.

Presented by the most sought-after marketing consultant, Lisa N. Alexander aka The Marketing Stylist®, Me, Incorporated is divided into two sessions.

Module One: Mission & Values
Lisa walks attendees through creating and defining their own personal brand. The same time-tested and proven brand-building methodology she uses with her clients will be revealed in this interactive presentation and online course.

Module Two: Mastering Online & Offline Interactions
Lisa will walk you through communicating your value, building a content strategy, managing social media, executing professional communication, and mastering first impressions.



How You Can Engage

Me, Incorporated - Mission & Values

Me, Incorporated - Mission & Values

Presentation + Online Course Lisa will walk attendees and students through setting up their own personal brands by defining their mission, their goals, and unique value proposition. Available individually or in a bundle.

Me, Incorporated - Mastering Online & Offline Interactions

Me, Incorporated - Mastering Online & Offline Interactions

Presentation + Online Course Once a personal brand has been established, maintaining its integrity is important. Mastering online and offline interactions ensures that value is consistently being communicated in a brand-worthy manner. Available individually or bundled.

The Me, Incorporated Course

My Personal Brand Story: Module One: Mission & Values


Single USER



Lisa presented for Golden Keys virtual series of Academy talks on Personal Branding. Her presentation for our members was very informative on letting participants know the what, who and why in creating your own brand. These were points to follow in concentrating and identifying the correct target audience within your brand. We are also putting together another virtual presentation with Lisa expounding on the topic of Branding.