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What Million-Dollar Brands Know: Marketing & Branding Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur ISBN 978-0-9889402-3-9

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most exciting, confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming experiences you could ever experience. Add to that the statistics that say ninety percent of startups will fail and you have reason to pause and rethink the whole idea.

Yet, thousands of men and women start new businesses every year. All hoping to beat the odds and become profitable entities. Million-dollar brands know the importance of marketing and branding and have fine-tuned their strategies to help them accomplish their goals and beat the odds.

Lisa N. Alexander, known as The Marketing Stylist™, interviewed 15 women business owners generating a million dollars or more annually. In her book, What Million-Dollar Brands Know: Marketing & Branding Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur, these business owners share the marketing and branding strategies that have made them successful. Alexander also shares marketing lessons learned throughout her career that has helped entrepreneurs successfully launch and market their businesses.

These million-dollar brands share:

  • The importance of defining your target audience
  • Why defining your culture is a must
  • That digital marketing is just one way to reach an audience

Simple yet effective marketing and branding strategies are woven into the stories Alexander and these business owners share enlightening entrepreneurs looking to succeed.

Brands and business owners represented include:

Biddie Webb of LIMB

Nancy Klensch of Summit Kids

Jennifer Breen of Suite Home

Kathryn Freeland of A-TEK

Loreen Gilbert of WealthWise Financial Services

Jill Kerrigan of JAK Designs

Merrilee Kick of Southern Champion/Buzz Balls

Vicki LaRose of Civil Design Inc.

Kristi Mirambell of K-Belle Consultants

Lisa Scott of Scott Global Migration Law Group

Anne Trompeter of Live Marketing

Kim Wernli of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter

Laura Yamanaka of TeamCFO