Your Email Subject Lines Matter

Today, approximately 144.6 billion emails will be sent worldwide. That’s a lot of emails and according to Pingdom, 68 percent will be spam and caught by your spam filter and another 61 percent of those emails will be considered nonessential proving the point, your email subject lines matter. I was reminded of this last week. […]

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ShopTalk Ep 06: Increase Your Sales

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes Sales. They are what allow us to keep our doors open and most business owners want to know how they can increase sales. In this episode I chat with Carolyn Gray, a retired human resource manager and certified mediator and personality assessment trainer on how recognizing and adapting to different […]

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Toaster Strudel, Millennials, and the Female Creative Director

It was something Kat Gordon said in our interview that connected with the TV commercial I was watching. I watched the commercial dazed and my very first thought was that there’s no way a female creative director came up with this concept. I could be wrong but not likely. That pesky three percent number persists […]

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