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Thanks for your interest and for connecting with me! I’m glad you’re here! I’m generally online and that’s probably the fastest way to connect and get a pretty quick response. I love my online communities! Reach out on Twitter or Instagram.

What Happened to The Marketing Stylist™?
Are You Still Taking Clients?

The marketing consultant lives and yes, I am taking on new clients. For a list of ways we can work together, click here. If you need help with a video project, email me directly and we can go over the details.

Do You Have A Story?

I’m happy to share stories that benefit my audience. I recently wrote an article about an organization that is empowering women through sport in the Middle East. Those kinds of stories are near and dear to my heart and I love meeting amazing women! So definitely contact me about women doing amazing things. You can email me directly.

Want Me To Speak At Your Event?

Awesome! Just fill out the booking form and we’ll go over the details! Need to talk right away? Call me directly at 832-877-1900.

Who Doesn’t Like A Handwritten Note?

Wanna send something by mail? You can do that too!

Lisa N. Alexander
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Hey Everybody! I’m Lisa!

aka This Woman Knows, ThatVSGChick, and The Marketing Stylist™

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Glad you’re here! For my formal bio and honor and awards, just click here!


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