What I want to be when I grow up

Every student who graduates from high school isn’t certain of what they want to do with the rest of their life. Even after they’ve taken all the assessments and received the list of careers that they’re best suited for…many still don’t know. They haven’t found the thing that interests them. So they enter college with […]

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You Are What You Practice

When you’re married to a musician, you learn a few things about discipline and skill mastery. I’ve also learned that practice is what you do before a rehearsal. Professionals never show up to a rehearsal or event without first spending time on their instrument in private—working out the kinks. My beloved spends hours at the […]

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The Blessing of A Sacred Daily Ritual

Some daily rituals are sacred to me. I credit much of my growth over the past two years to a dedicated and consistent time of prayer and meditation. It’s obvious to me when I’ve missed a few days due to life’s craziness. There’s nothing like mayhem shattering your schedule and forcing you to adjust in […]

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