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That day in the dressing room made me realize how disconnected I was.

I could see the disconnect clearly in areas where I struggled…especially where my weight was concerned.

I believe the Word that says we are fearfully and wonderfully made and I also believe my body was designed to know its needs and in its ability to heal itself.

Researchers will tell you that we often confuse thirst for hunger. We eat when our bodies really want water…big disconnect.

Through hurt, disappointment, busyness, we take what the body really needs and replace it with something else. We disconnect and then plug into something usually much more harmful.

I decided to reconnect and listen to my body. Here’s what I found out.


At my core, I need a nap in the afternoon!

I’m an early riser and by 2 PM I need to shut my eyes but I typically don’t.

How did I respond?

I ate. I ate high calorie stuff because I was fighting to stay awake. I needed the sugar rush to keep me moving.

I associated the need for a nap with a need for a snack. I’d say that’s pretty disconnected.

I should have laid myself down and I could have saved myself thousands of calories over the years.

Whenever we don’t listen to our bodies and give it something it didn’t ask for we can create some really bad habits that then seem impossible to break.

Not only was I disconnected from my body and its true needs, I was disconnected from God’s word – both written and prophetic – regarding this issue.

Yep. See my weight has always been on the altar–something I always prayed about and I was always reassured that I would be victorious.

I said I believed it, but I had my doubts just like the guy in scripture who said Lord I believe, please help my unbelief.

During this entire learning to live from my core process, I realized that I had to connect with, become one with, embrace, embody, mirror, accept, become the physical manifestation of the God’s word over my life. My thoughts had to line up with God’s truth. I couldn’t say one thing and think and do something else. I had to become one with His word and it started with my acceptance and changing my thought life. I had to agree because two can’t walk together unless they agree.

Here’s my core truth when it comes to my body.

At my core, I do not have an eating issue because I was fearfully and wonderfully made.

That is my truth.

If I chose to live from my core in this area, I eat when I’m hungry, I never rush through a meal, I shut my eyes when I’m sleepy and find some water when I’m thirsty.

When I reconnect my body to God’s truth in thought and through my actions, I see less of me.

Now, let me be completely honest…some days are harder than others. I’m undoing years of not listening to my body and learned bad habits.

On top of that, life has thrown me a serious curve ball and it’s real easy to retreat back to the familiar and find comfort in the things that comforted me in the past — warm flaky pastries.

I have to remind myself to live from the core of who I am…the me He created who doesn’t have a weight issue. That was added after the fact.

Living from your core frees you up to live the life God promised. You can live life more abundantly if you live from the core of who you are.

Here’s something else I learned. Reconnecting with your body and accepting God’s truth about it can help you accept the sexual you too but that’s another blog post. 😉

Living from your core means reconnecting to God’s truth and embracing and mirroring that truth in thought and deed.

Core living is powerful living.


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