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Inspiration can show up in the strangest places and how one thought leads to another is an amazing process.

I was trying on a dress in a fitting room.

The dress looked okay.

It wasn’t amazing.

I didn’t feel fabulous in it.

I know the type of dress that works well with my shape.

I can’t deny my shape. Hips, thighs, and an ample bottom are not part of my DNA. I’m more of what they called “apple” shaped.

So I stood there staring at myself in the mirror. I looked at myself in that dress and concluded that I couldn’t change well not without a Brazillian butt lift my basic structure but I could “core” the apple.

That day inside that poorly lit dressing room, my life changed.

That single thought—that one idea of trimming the excess and getting to the core wasn’t just for the physical me but for all of me…mind, body and spirit.

That day began my  journey of discovering, defining and redefining who I was at my core and coming into complete agreement with who God said I was.  I was determined to live, lead, love and serve from that place.

In these next series of posts I’ll share what I’ve learned because living from your core, is the only way to live.



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