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ShopTalk Ep 17: Collaboration For Business Success

By June 6, 2014January 5th, 2020No Comments

This show has been archived and is no longer in production. However, please enjoy the content!


I’m in the middle of conducting a study on women business owners and our collaboration practices. If you’re a female business owner and want to share your collaborative story…good, bad, or ugly, take this quick survey.

This has to be one of my favorite quotes about the matter. It’s from a man, small business consultant, and strategist, Mr. Kenneth D. Steadman, MBA.

When it comes to female business owners, you may be right. From my experience, it appears that women don’t mine admitting what they don’t know and are more willing to form an alliance. Men, for the most part, know everything (or more accurately, THINK they know) so you can’t tell them anything, nor do they need help with anything.

Collaboration for business success seems to come pretty easily for women business owners. But women aren’t the only ones collaborating. Even head-to-head competitors work on joint ventures. There’s so much to be gained when businesses work together. You can better your industry and solve problems when you get great minds together (not egos mind you).

The Marketing Stylist™ and The Small Business Whisperer, Kaira Boston talk about a collaborative project that went well and some things to consider before you enter a joint venture project.

Enjoy the show! Kaira Boston, The Small Business Whisperer: “I have always wanted to be a small business owner when I grew up. I wanted to be a successful sustainable business owner, like my dad. He was always able to arrange his schedule around the events of the children. I noticed and liked that flexibility. That meant late nights to finish up work that would be missed the next day as he traveled to a field hockey game or taking some work on our summer beach trip. None the less, I saw it as a win-win situation.” My experience throughout my 12+ years in corporate America has been about understanding user requirements and translating those into technical processes. My passion for organizing propelled me through the ranks to the implementation manager. Combining those skills, I have been able to create systems that allow the small business owner to operate more efficiently affording more time for revenue generation.

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