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The Mobile App Discount That Lured My Husband And Outweighed Privacy Concerns

By July 21, 2013No Comments

smartphoneMy husband is what we call the price-driven consumer; he’s concerned about the bottom line and getting the best deal. So imagine my surprise when a customer service rep was able to up-sell him. That was worthy of a blog post!

Not only is my beloved price driven, he is also a mobile retail shopper. He has no problem conducting in-store price comparisons and then walking away if he finds his item of choice cheaper down the street.  He’s also been known to buy the item online while in the store if he can wait for shipping. This behavior supports research from Accenture Interactive. Their research found that shoppers between 20 and 40 years old both in the U.S. and the United Kingdom use their mobile device to do in-store price comparisons with the majority leaving and not making a purchase.

Here’s where research, privacy, marketing and my price-driven husband collide.

According to their research, privacy is an important issue to this same group of mobile retail shoppers but they will gladly give up that privacy for personalized shopping experiences.

My husband, the man who loathes shopping tells me that while driving to the store and using his map app,  a $10 coupon appeared on his phone. He enthusiastically took advantage of the deal.

Who is this man?

It appears that marketers and retailers have found a way into my husband’s heart and it’s through his wallet. Saving money and finding the best deal makes him happy and it seems he’s willing to give up some privacy to be courted by nearby retailers through his smart phone.

Some think it’s creepy to be approached in this manner (that’s the word a friend of mine used), others like my husband are welcoming the experience. Again, who would have thought?

Businesses that could benefit from this technology include:

  • Mom and Pop retailers – what a great way to get traffic into your stores (let’s just hope they actually make the purchase and not mobile shop in your store.)
  • B2Bs –  this could work well at a trade show and drive more traffic to your booth.
  • Childcare Centers – offer tours and discount.
  • Nail shops/Day spas – send me a notice that I can get $20 off a deluxe pedicure and I’m in there!
  • Gyms – broadcast class currently in session and offer discount if they attend next class.

This kind of marketing definitely appeals to the price-driven consumer—my husband is proof of that fact.

Don’t miss out on this technology’s ability to bring new customers into your door and even encourage repeat business.

Just make sure you create an experience they won’t soon forget and maybe even shop without a discount.

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