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The one, the only, Mr. Steve Jobs

By October 7, 2011No Comments

I have always loved Apple.

Always been a fan.

And will probably always be a fan.

Whenever I have an assignment and it asks us to discuss innovation I ALWAYS cite Apple and Amazon. Companies run by brilliant men who embrace innovation…men brave enough to go against the status quo.

It’s not new news that Mr. Steven Jobs, Apple’s co-founder passed this week and the world mourns.

What we’re seeing worldwide is the appreciation of out-of-the-box thinking that resulted in amazing technology. Technology that connects us to the things we value, the people we love and if that technology just happens to be way cool…that’s even better. He thought differently, always considered the customer and worked projects by asking what does the customer want or need?

His passing leaves technology buffs asking now what? Kind of sad that more CEOs don’t embrace innovation on this level. He made some mistakes, learned how to say no to projects that didn’t meet the vision and took failures in stride.

He will be missed for the amazing products he brought to the marketplace. Products that changed our lives for the better.

Lots of copycats, only one original.

Mr. Steven Jobs was an original.

Sir, you will be missed.

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