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If attending Fall and holiday marketplaces generated the bulk of your Q4 revenue, 2020 has forced all of us to shift. Many face-to-face markets have gone virtual and there are still a good many people who choose to avoid crowds. And all of this impacts your bottom line.

The good news is because a lot of these marketplaces are virtual, you can expand your reach and introduce your product to more people. Not to mention it drives more traffic to your website. Is your website ready for this onslaught of new traffic?

Some marketplaces are free to the vendor, others charge anywhere from $50 to $200 to participate. Some even charge an application fee that you lose if not selected.

Many Fall holiday fairs are already underway but there’s still time to register for winter marketplaces.

Where to look?

To find online marketplaces and fairs, you can search:

  • Facebook Events
  • Eventbrite
  • Meetup
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Search

You’ll discover that there are lots of opportunities available to you but not every opportunity is “brand-worthy.” If you need help choosing the right event, and tips for maximizing vending virtually and how to optimize your website for increased traffic, purchase my Virtual Marketplace Success Guide here.

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