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Walmart’s Black Friday Madness

By November 28, 2011No Comments

Social corporate responsibility basically says corporations choose to do the right thing sometimes at the expense of making a profit. We saw some corporations being socially responsible during South Africa’s apartheid era and Ben & Jerry’s along with Starbucks are some familiar names of today’s socially responsible companies.

Walmart fails to make this list. This time not for employee dealings or overseas Walmartmanufacturers but for the mayhem they incite on what’s known as Black Friday.

Once again, Walmart found itself in the news due to people behaving badly in their stores all across the country. Remember a Walmart employee was trampled to death during one Black Friday sale just a few years ago.

The Worst of Us
Not everyone in search of the holiday’s best deals is looking for trouble. However, these late night, early morning shopping excursions bring out the worst of our society. One woman pepper sprayed fellow shoppers and thieves now lie in wait in parking lots for unsuspecting shoppers. My guess is this will only get worse; especially if our economy continues to sputter its way back to recovery.

I know companies are in business to make a profit. Ellis Valin Communications is in business not only to provide excellent service but also make a profit. But there comes a point where you have to evaluate at what cost do you continue to pursue profits.

I think Walmart should do the right thing and make some serious policy changes in how their stores implement and manage Black Friday sales events.

State Intervention
If violence continues to escalate, states may begin to weigh in and create legislation to protect consumers and employees. In the great state of Texas, we have laws on the books that prevent car dealerships from selling on Sunday, beer and wine can only be sold after noon on Sundays and no hard liquor is ever sold on a Sunday. If enough people get hurt…if a peace officer is every harmed whiled protecting civilians during one of these Black Friday events, my guess is the Texas legislature would create laws to control Black Friday sales events.

Walmart…do the right thing. Consider the well-being of your customers and employees.

I know there’s a way to make a profit that doesn’t include inciting people to riot and loss of life.

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