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Care needed when preparing international message

By November 16, 2012December 29th, 2016No Comments

I have a brand new presentation titled It IS Good! It’s about women knowing and valuing their varied gifts. But this post isn’t about the presentation as much as it is about the women I’m using to promote the presentation.

Since the presentation is being pitched to an international market, I had to be careful about the images I used. An image of a woman giving the thumbs up or OK sign are offensive in some countries.

Taking your message internationally requires research. You’ll need to understand customs, social norms that vary from country to country and even region to region. Trust me, you don’t want to create a message that offends. Apple’s I’m A Mac campaign had to be tweaked for different markets internationally.

There’s so much to consider when marketing outside of the West!

How would I visually communicate a woman who knew her worth that wouldn’t offend? That’s when I came up with what I believe to be a brilliant idea. I decided to feature businesswomen I knew. Business owners who were convinced of their worth and knew they had an excellent product in the marketplace.

Some I’ve known for years, others I’ve worked with professionally and others I’ve just met this year.

But one thing about each and everyone of them is that they know.

They know that their product or service IS good!

So in no particular order—meet the women of It IS Good!


Meet Chari Twitty-Hawkins (@CICINSPIREME), owner of ChariT’s Inspirational Creations.

I met Chari online and we finally met face-to-face at a conference earlier this year.

According to her Facebook profile:

Our inspirational jewelry ranges from religious themes, celebration of motherhood, cause awareness, natural hair love, going green, the arts, organizational jewelry and much more! We pride ourselves in making beautiful conversation pieces expressing the unique inspiration within you!


Carla McCray of Cheesecake a La Mode is a good person to have on speed dial. Her cheesecake cake balls are so good.

I met Carla at a networking event and our paths kept crossing! According to her site:

“My Couture treats are baked from my heart and my home made with each client in mind. Just like a real woman, my delicate desserts are classy, sexy, edgy, and bound to please any palate. Whether it’s a black tie event or casual Sunday dinner, Cheesecake a La Mode has a collection that includes cupcakes, cheesecake balls, and tarts that can add just the right touch of sophistication to your dessert table.”


Meet my dear friend, pastor and author Deanna Doss Shrodes aka Wonder Woman.

I met Deanna years ago on her site for women in ministry. She came and did a conference for me and I think that cemented our friendship. She just published her first eBook Juggle. In it she shares her tips on how she gets everything done and I mean this woman gets a lot done. I promise I still marvel at all she accomplishes and that’s even after I read the book.

It’s a time management book like none other!

This woman definitely knows!


This is a true story. Monica Gonzalez used to find me temporary gigs at a temp agency here in Houston! I think we connected on LinkedIn, then Facebook and then her pastry photos started popping up on my wall.

Monica went to school to become a pastry chef and the photos on her site display fine artistry and and attention to detail. Her work is excellent. Not to mention it looks absolutely delicious.

Now she’s running Yummers Custom Pastries and even creates personalized cookies with your company logo. A great idea for the holidays.


Pamela Walker, hair stylist and makeup artist extraordinaire!

This is the woman who is responsible for getting me all dolled up for my photo shoot earlier this year. Her work is incredible! This woman knows her value; that was evident while she was in school!

Pam has no problem coming to your location and making you look your best.

Subscribe to her Facebook page and then book your appointment from a woman who knows!


I met Tara Sloan through Deanna. Tara is an author and mom of five girls whom she calls “Belles.”

Tara inspires me for lots of reasons. I’ve watched her evolve and this is definitely a woman who knows her worth and protects the treasure within.

Contact Tara about her book Becoming Destiny Driven on her Web site.


Tiffani Speller of Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair has a fantastic product! She is the diamond standard in hair extensions. Just go to her Facebook page and look at the photos!

Now ask me how Tiffani and I met and my mind draws a blank. I’m pretty certain it was online first and then we connected at a meeting. One thing is for certain, this woman has a quality product and amazing staff.


So these are the women featured in my campaign.

They know their worth, they know their “merchandise is good” and were perfect choices for this campaign.


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