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As a marketer and blogger for several sites, I’ve learned that different posts serve different functions and deliver different outcomes. If feasible, find ways to include the following in your blog’s content marketing for balance and variety. Your audience will thank you.

  1. There’s the writing you do to draw the masses (writing on current trends and topics). These are hot topics and likely to draw lots of readers to your content if written from a unique angle and the appropriate hashtags are used.
  2. There’s the writing you do to showcase your expertise. This is for the journalists or the potential client or boss. This may not get as many eyeballs but it shows your thought leadership in an area and helps you build a trail of credibility. Think of these as white papers, case studies, new insights..etc.
  3. There’s the writing you do simply because you were inspired or had a bright idea in the shower or while talking to a friend. This kind of writing may or may not attract a lot of readers but it’s usually the kind of post that someone urgently needs and you’re the one being sent or used to deliver.
  4. Then there’s the stuff you write because consistency is a must. Those are your list post (top ten items to look beautiful this season), or how-to post (how to make fail-proof rice), or even review posts (Mailchimp is awesome!).

These four kinds of writing prompts help diversify your content marketing and delivers your target audience to your site. Some posts can be written so that they’re evergreen (always useable) and keeps traffic coming to your site well after your publish date.

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