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Depending on who you ask, email marketing is alive and well and making lots of money for businesses and brands. Ask others and email marketing will soon have matching headstones with print magazines.

Here’s the thing, I don’t understand why people are so anxious to see print go away! Print’s not dead yet!

And you guessed correctly, I still love the printed page!

But I digress.

Through the years, I’ve observed and implemented successful email campaigns, even during a time when people say their inboxes are out-of-control and they’re unsubscribing from every single list they signed up for.

Here’s what I’ve noticed. Successful email campaigns have these four things:

  1. The right list/audience/offer: Nothing can be more disheartening than sending out awesome content to the wrong audience or list. I encourage clients to make sure what you’re offering speaks directly to your target audience and is something they value, makes their life/business better or entertains them. Again, your offer has to be something THEY value. You don’t want to build a list of people who aren’t your ideal customer because you haven’t put any thought into your offer.
  2. The right subject line: Your subject line shouldn’t be an afterthought. This is the first thing your audience will see in their inbox and if it’s poorly written, your email will get lost and overlooked. Email subject lines should be well thought out and given as much priority as the content.
  3. The right message: Make sure offering and audience match. Please make sure you’re continually offering value and know all good messages always have a call to action (what you want reader to do).
  4. The right frequency: A friend and I both subscribed for a certain coach’s emails. After just 72 hours, she unsubscribed but I on the other hand was willing to ride it out (for a few more days anyway). Why? We started out with one email a day, then the next day, FOUR EMAILS in one day! FOUR! That was overkill and my friend unsubscribed. You’ve got to have the right frequency. If you’re not sure, you can always poll your target audience and ask them.

Perfect all four of these within the same campaign and you stand a real good chance of not only getting read but getting click throughs and action on your call-to-action.


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