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Power of the message

By January 16, 2012No Comments

Today is the day we take time to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A
man who made incredible inroads for all people during a turbulent time
in our country’s history.

We remember him because of his sacrifice; we remember him because of his message.

Even 40 years after his death, the message retains its power.

His “I Have A Dream” speech is one of the most memorable ever and continues to inspire.

Here are a few facts about Dr. King’s speech according to Nick Britten of The Telegraph:

  1. The words “I have a dream” were ad libbed.
  2. The speech drew references from the Bible, Shakespeare and the U.S. Declaration of Independence.
  3. In various drafts of the speech, several titles existed including “The normalcy speech,” and “The Canceled check.”
  4. Twelve hours before the speech, Dr. King did not have a firm idea of what he would say.

The topped rank speech of the 20th century by academics according to Britten was “winged” according to the speech’s co-writer Clarence B. Jones.
So for those of us who create messages, what can we learn from Dr. King’s process and speech? How do you create a powerful message?

  • Speak from the heart…the seat of your passion
  • Be well read
  • Have a great title

A powerful message has the ability to change destiny.

We celebrate the life, the legacy, the message of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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