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Your blog’s reach

By April 5, 2012No Comments

I created a poll on Facebook that asked if fans of my page had a favorite blog that they read daily.

Of the 55 respondents, 74.5 percent of them said no, they did not have a favorite blog that they read daily.

Roughly 25 percent said they did.

Now there are many more follow up questions to ask but I did find the response to this one question quite interesting.

Those who blog are encouraged to do so consistently.

Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Sometimes easier said than done if you want to write your own posts and not use private label rights material or PLR.

I could conclude that writing daily isn’t necessary because a large percentage of my survey pool doesn’t read the same blog daily anyway. But I know better than to follow that line of thinking. It could be that the content wasn’t relative to them on that particular day and I think that’s where we’ll find the meat of this discussion.

It all boils down to content.

Your content may not reach the same reader everyday but it will reach somebody.

Your post could easily be distributed via Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest and find someone who will benefit from that day’s content. This  confirms an article I read last  year that said Twitter users weren’t reading most of the links they retweeted. They just thought it was good info to pass along.

If you hold your blog under a microscope using tools like Google Analytics, you can find out where your readers are coming from.

There’s even a big pie chart that details new visitors versus repeat visitors.

The metrics will tell the story.

Or maybe it’s time to review your content and reexamine your audience.

Maybe you and your audience are like two ships passing in the night and need to rethink your message because it all has to be right; the message, the audience and the medium.

You can conduct your own survey and find out what your readers are looking for or see if Google Analytics reveals any trends. Are there certain topics that perform better than others?

It’s worth looking into.

Because reaching the right audience with a message we believe in is why we struggle to fill a blank computer screen day after day.

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