Link To My Site…Or Maybe Not

As long as I have been blogging, it has always been a good thing to include links to outside sources in your blog posts. Now backlinking is still a gray area for me. Yahoo still won’t let me participate as an expert and answer questions because of some erroneous online advice I followed years ago. […]

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The art of being sticky

As a new bride some years ago, cooking would have been listed under weakness on my SWOT analysis chart. I didn’t enjoy the process and I didn’t have the patience for it. Cooking things like meatloaf and homemade biscuits I especially loathed because it required getting my hands dirty and sticky. Fast forward a few […]

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Your blog’s reach

I created a poll on Facebook that asked if fans of my page had a favorite blog that they read daily. Of the 55 respondents, 74.5 percent of them said no, they did not have a favorite blog that they read daily. Roughly 25 percent said they did. Now there are many more follow up […]

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