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ShopTalk Ep 02: Small Business Advertising Strategies

By August 8, 2013December 29th, 2016No Comments

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Big business did something really cool for small businesses recently and I was thoroughly impressed. It seems Intuit is running a contest for small businesses. The prize you ask? A 30-second commercial during one of the most watched television events each year–the Super Bowl.

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This $4 million ad or so will do wonders for exposing the winner to an audience of at least 100 million game day viewers around the world. Not a bad prize. Well, maybe, according to today’s guest.

Let’s say you don’t win Intuit’s grand prize, how can a small business advertise themselves to their target audience. I’m glad you asked!

Our guest today is the vice president of client services at Clayman Marketing Communications, Marjorie Clayman (but you can call her Margie). According to her LinkedIn page, she helps small and medium businesses “remain aware of new technologies and marketing trends so that our clients can benefit and remain ahead of the curve.”

You may be a solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business owner but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t employ some of the same rules of engagement for advertising your business as much bigger companies. Margie and I talk about small business advertising strategies (should Facebook be included in your strategy), ROI (return on investment) and testing. We also talk about the basic building blocks of any good ad.

Implement what you hear today and you’ll save time and money on your next advertising campaign.

Enjoy the show!

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  • When writing copy for ads…”Thou shalt read what you write.” @MargieClayman @LisaNAlexander #tmsshoptalk
  • “Thou shalt not use fuzzy pictures in your ad.” @MargieClayman @LisaNAlexander #tmsshoptalk
  • What do you want your ad to achieve and how are you going to measure? @MargieClayman @LisaNAlexander #tmsshoptalk
  • The best ad is the one that increases your sales. @MargieClayman @LisaNAlexander #tmsshoptalk

About Marjorie Clayman: As Vice President of Client Services at Clayman Marketing Communications, her family’s full-service marketing firm, Margie stays abreast of all the latest developments in marketing. With one foot in the “traditional” world of marketing and one foot in the new world of social media, Clayman Marketing can offer a full suite of services to their clients. Marjorie makes the world a better place not only by serving her clients but by helping those in need. She is the creator of Homespun Helpers. She and a group of crafty people commit to making relief/comfort items and donates them to various charities. Marjorie is on a mission to gather a group of fellow crafters who will donate 3,000 items this year. To date they have 790 completed items. If you’re interesting in helping Marjorie reach her goal, reach out to her on Twitter.

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