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ShopTalk Ep 04: PR Strategies for Small Business

By September 5, 2013December 29th, 2016No Comments

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If you’ve ever sent out a press release and asked why your story wasn’t picked up, this podcast episode is just for you!  I talk to highly entertaining PR veteran Anje Collins of Women in PR and the Luxe PR Group.

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Anje shares how small business owners should go about getting the attention of their local media and then we talk dollars and cents—how much does it cost to work with a PR agency.

Do you know the difference between a publicist and PR professional? Is there one? If there is, which one do you need?

Anje sets the record straight.

Think you’re ready for national or international coverage?

Anje answers all these questions and shares how you can create a winning PR strategy for your business.

Enjoy the show!

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  • You want the right people to pickup your #pressrelease. Distribution matters. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • Number of clients, quality of work matter. Do due diligence before you hire #pr pro. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • #PR price range is from $1K – $10K per month. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • No #PR rep can guarantee placement. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • #Smallbiz, invest in someone who can #brand you. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • Before you send the #pressrelease, call journalist first. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • #Pressrelease #etiquette: eyecatching title, embed in email, one page limit. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander
  • Start locally and hire #pr pro to take you to the next level. @AnjeMiami @LisaNAlexander

About Anje Collins:  Anje Collins serves as Executive Agency Director of her own pr firm The Luxe PR Group, The Agenda Group and The Art of Luxury, managing accounts in the luxury, fashion, music, sports, hospitality, consumer and lifestyle practices. With over 25 years experience in media relations and event production industry, Ms. Collins is well versed in developing and executing broad reaching public relation campaigns in a variety of industries, including fashion, multimedia, sports and entertainment, hospitality and luxury consumer goods, among others. Anje is the co-founder of Women In PR, a vital resource for public relations professionals. Women In PR empowers women to reach their full potential by promoting their professional growth and inspiring them to share their successes in the rapidly changing world of public relations. WIPR provides the highest quality online, on-demand educational programs, and features top thought leaders and industry influencers sharing their insights at live events throughout the country.

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Intro music by my nephew:  Justin Daniels Sanchez.

Cover art by PrettyWork.

Show airs biweekly.

Next show dates: September 20 and October 4

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