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ShopTalk Ep 05: The Art of Networking

By September 19, 2013December 29th, 2016No Comments

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Networking can be a terrifying experience especially if you’re an introvert or don’t like the idea of starting up a conversation with a complete stranger. Our very first guest Karen McCullough shares some tips on how to overcome this fear. You can listen here.

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I know how unnerving it can be to walk into a room full of strangers who may already be grouped up and you have to infiltrate the camp.

I recently joined a group and my one contact person wasn’t going to be at the next meeting. I knew I was going to go and the plan was to get there early since I didn’t have them to lean on and to guide me.  My plan failed. I was grossly late and sure enough everyone was already paired off and in deep conversation. I convinced myself that all was lost and I should go home. I was uncomfortable, I didn’t know anyone and I wanted to hide. As I walked to the elevator to scurry home I stopped myself.

I was a new, fully paid member of this group.

I decided I would introduce myself to the group president and ask him who I should know in the room.

Everybody is going to be nice to the new kid!

It was the smartest move I made as he introduced me to key people.

Yes networking can be intimidating, but today’s guest, Vernetta Freeney shares strategies on the art of networking.

Enjoy the show!

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About Vernetta R. Freeney: Vernetta is Editor in Chief of Women Are Gamechangers an award winning business blog for women entrepreneurs and CEO of Women Are Gamechangers LLC. She created Fusion Tour which creates intimate business conversations for women entrepreneurs. She speaks and blogs to help women understand not just the importance of networking but how to do it effectively that leads to building long lasting business relationships by attending events. Through speaking, blogging, online chats, live events and producing her own TV show Vernetta connects women to Gamechangers in business. She is a chocolate lover, TV scripted drama watcher, film fanatic and the biggest Dallas Mavericks fan.

She enjoys her life now and encourages women to forget about the ups, downs, and turnarounds of life and stay focused on being a Gamechanger. Vernetta worked in non profits, taught elementary and taught ESL to Corporate employees before becoming an entrepreneur and blogger.

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