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ShopTalk Ep 07: Podcasting for Small Business

By October 17, 2013December 29th, 2016No Comments

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October 23 is National iPod Day and what better to celebrate than talking about things you can do on your iPod like create your very own podcast show! If you’re a business owner or aspiring paid public speaker, then you don’t want to miss this show. You should also check out this infographic to see just who is consuming this content.

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Annemarie Cross is an experienced podcaster with her very own network and she shares the benefits of podcasting and why she walked away from BlogTalk Radio. Annemarie shares how you can get started and how BlogTalk Radio is a good option for testing the podcasting waters. We even discuss the benefits of joining  a podcasting network and how a podcast can generate additional income for your business.

Enjoy the show!

Mentioned in the Show:


  • Podcasting is a way to “seed and lead” your business. @theAmbitiousPod @lisanalexander
  • Public speakers should definitely consider podcasting.  @theAmbitiousPod @lisanalexander

About Annemarie Cross: Annemarie is a Money, Marketing and Mindset Business Coach who supports ambitious women entrepreneurs in unearthing and communicating their inner brilliance (their brand) so they can boost their credibility, visibility, celebrity and profitability.

She guides her clients through her Unearth Your Brilliance Signature Branding, 6-Figure Breakthrough Secrets and Money Mindset Breakthrough Secrets programs – helping them build solid business foundations and implement key marketing strategies so they can stand out from their competitors AND get paid what they’re worth.

She also helps them transform their hours-for-dollars services into lucrative information products and programs so they can get paid what they’re worth, doing what they love.

Annemarie has been dubbed: “The Podcasting Queen” by her followers for her weekly, International award-winning podcast – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and regularly shares business and marketing tips.


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Intro music by my nephew:  Justin Daniels Sanchez.

Cover art by PrettyWork.

Show airs biweekly.

Next show dates:  November 1 and November 15

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