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[Infographic] Podcast facts for National iPod Day

By October 18, 2013No Comments

It was an inglorious day when music lovers here in the United States could download all of our favorite music, our entire CD collections to one small device called the iPod. No more would we have to tote cassettes or CDs! The iPod forever changed how we consume our music and a national day of celebration was created. Every October 23, we celebrate National iPod Day! It wasn’t the first MP3 player by any means but Apple made the device popular.

Podcasting has grown since its inception in 2004 and iTunes currently has 16 podcast categories and 52 subcategories.

Annemarie Cross of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Network is an avid podcaster and has been doing so since 2008. She says that podcasting is one of the best ways to reach current audience members and gain new members. I had the opportunity to interview her for my own podcast show and she shares some great podcasting tips for business owners. Just follow this link to hear the interview.

If you’ve considered starting a podcast for your own business, below is an infographic on who listens to podcasts and some of their behaviors.

Happy National iPod Day!


Infographic created by PrettyWork Creative.

Research and data by Edison Research and Arbitron

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