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Tell YOUR story well

By August 29, 2012No Comments

Two products are in the news because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is not too happy with their advertising practices. The creator of the My Baby Can Read product and the good folk who marketed the Ab Circle Pro find themselves in the FTC’s crosshairs.

Ab Circle Pro has to refund $25 million to users for their claims that their product would melt away belly bulge with very little effort. The judgement against the My Baby Can Read company was a hefty $185 million for their claims that nine-month old babies could learn how to read.

McCann Erikson tells us that advertising is “Truth well told.”

These two companies have to pay handsomely because they failed to tell the truth well.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we have to heed the words of McCann Erikson and truthfully and skillfully tell our stories. Clients and customers will appreciate you telling them the truth and then the FTC has no reason to contact you. Fabricating benefits and truth stretching only detract from your brand dissolve your marketshare.

Tell your story and tell it well. No need to stretch the truth or fabricate benefits.

No need to copy and paste the work of someone else. Your own story is worthy of being told.

Just a reminder as you create messages for your services and products…make sure it’s “Truth well told.”

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