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Unresponsive Markets

By August 10, 2012No Comments

If you look at the life and ministry of Jesus, there are some great marketing lessons to be learned.

Jesus had a clearly identified audience and his mission and goals were clear.

He even shows us how to handle unresponsive or reluctant markets.

It’s recorded in the New Testament that after a successful launch, Jesus went back to his hometown for a visit. His market share was growing and he had great brand recognition in other regions. Jesus was making news and getting good press in other regions. Home was a different story. It’s recorded that Jesus was unable to fulfill his mission and gain marketshare in his own hometown. It says he was only able to heal a few people there because the market was unresponsive. They were too familiar and couldn’t see the value of his brand.

Fulfilling the mission and meeting his goal was paramount so he didn’t waste time in an unresponsive market.

He gave work instructions to his volunteer staff to not waste time with reluctant audience members either.

Shake the dust from your feet and keep it moving. 

How futile it would have been to stay in an unresponsive market. This audience’s position wasn’t favorable toward the brand and there was nothing he could do to change their minds.

The marketing lesson here is know when to move on.

Time wasted on an unresponsive market is time you could have spent in a more favorable market earning more market shares and increased revenue.

This lesson is sometimes hard to accept for the new entrepreneur or small business owner.

You know your product or service is an excellent fit for an audience but they’re unresponsive.

You end up spending valuable time and resources trying to convince this market of the value you will bring them.

But they aren’t listening. They aren’t purchasing. They aren’t interacting with you on your social media sites. They aren’t referring you. They just aren’t.

At best you find yourself like Jesus only to serve a handful.

The best thing to do with an unresponsive market is leave it quickly and hone in one that will not only see the value of your brand but help you achieve your mission and goal.

That’s how Jesus dealt with an unresponsive market and I think it’s a great lesson for every entrepreneur and business owner.


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