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Now that the #chickenwars have cooled off and Popeye’s is out of chicken let’s talk about a few things that made this a nationwide phenomenon. Some entrepreneurs and small business owners were a little salty about all the free shares and comments about the ongoing battle between Popeye’s and Chick Fil A by family and friends.

  1. People share and comment on things that trigger an emotion. So things that are funny, things that are sad or infuriating are usually shared. They felt an emotion and shared it hoping you’d feel the same. And then there’s the cool factor because they shared something intriguing or provocative.
  2. The #chickenwars were easy to personalize. The memes people made were hilarious and again easy to share.
  3. It helped that Wendy’s rules fast food on Twitter. If you have never engaged Wendy’s on Twitter, you’ve gotta go check out their feed. They are ruthless! Their engagement only helped fan the flames of the #chickenwar

So, does your content spark an emotion? Is it funny? Is it sad? Does it make people see red? Can people make your promotion their own? Can they see themselves in your product?

All this means is that we as content creators and business owners have to work on creating content that targets the heart and/or the wallet.

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