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Why They’re Not Sharing Your Content: A Post #ChickenWar Review

Now that the #chickenwars have cooled off and Popeye’s is out of chicken let’s talk about a few things that made this a nationwide phenomenon. Some entrepreneurs and small business owners were a little salty about all the free shares and comments about the ongoing battle between Popeye’s and Chick Fil A by family and […]

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Book Stolen: The Consequences of Placing Your Book on a ARC Site

After two years, I finally finished my book, What Million-Dollar Brands Know: Marketing & Branding Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur. During the process, I lost my mom and my sister, conducted 15 interviews with 15 amazing women business owners, two interview audio transcriptions, and a major rewrite. When it was all done, all was left was […]

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Why Pop-Up Markets and Collaborations Can Be Good For Business

Natalie Lin, founder and artistic director of the Houston-based orchestra group Kinetic found out that pop-up markets can be really good for business, even if you are a music group. Pop-ups as a marketing strategy help businesses expand into new areas and expose their brand to new customers. These events allow the brand to give out samples, […]

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What Mercy Looks Like: The Project, The Premiere, The People

The Project You have to understand that this project was not on our production schedule and nowhere near our radar. It kind of just fell into our lap. We saw this great organization corralling volunteers from all across the United States to help Houston-area homeowners recover from Hurricane Harvey. We called them superheroes and started documenting their […]

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Why Your Business Name, Book Title, Product Name, Event Name Matters

Overstock.com is an online retailer selling everything from clothing to furniture and pretty much everything in between. According to Wikipedia, when the company was founded in 1997, it exclusively sold surplus and returned merchandise on an online e-commerce marketplace, liquidating the inventories of at least 18 failed dot-com companies at below-wholesale prices. Well now, it’s 2017, […]

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