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Why They’re Not Sharing Your Content: A Post #ChickenWar Review

Now that the #chickenwars have cooled off and Popeye’s is out of chicken let’s talk about a few things that made this a nationwide phenomenon. Some entrepreneurs and small business owners were a little salty about all the free shares and comments about the ongoing battle between Popeye’s and Chick Fil A by family and […]

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Book Stolen: The Consequences of Placing Your Book on a ARC Site

After two years, I finally finished my book, What Million-Dollar Brands Know: Marketing & Branding Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur. During the process, I lost my mom and my sister, conducted 15 interviews with 15 amazing women business owners, two interview audio transcriptions, and a major rewrite. When it was all done, all was left was […]

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Why Pop-Up Markets and Collaborations Can Be Good For Business

Natalie Lin, founder and artistic director of the Houston-based orchestra group Kinetic¬†found out that pop-up markets can be really good for business, even if you are a music group. Pop-ups as a marketing strategy help businesses expand into new areas and expose their brand to new customers. These events allow¬†the brand to give out samples, […]

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