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You’re kidding…no Allegra for seven days?

By February 29, 2012No Comments

Today, I had an appointment with a doctor who would either deny or substantiate an alleged shellfish allergy.

I never saw the doctor. I paid my copay and left.

I’d been left alone for about 40 minutes in the waiting room and my visit was creeping up on an hour and a half with no word from anyone. Except for the one word that made my heart sink. They couldn’t test me today because you can’t have any antihistamines in your system. At the height of allergy season I have to come off Allegra. OK, anything to be able to participate in the next crawfish boil.

But I thought, this is the kind of information you need to know ahead of time.

As I sat alone for those 40 minutes, I replayed the conversation I had with the nurse setting the appointment. She didn’t ask me what I was coming in for. That would have certainly been the opening for dialogue on what not to take and maybe even setting the appointment further out.

After I left the office, the nurse called while I was marching through the parking lot and apologized. She said the doctor was running behind and could see me right then if I returned. I told her I had another appointment. In between appointments, I pulled up my referral list again and called another allergist.

That’s when I reached excellence in customer service.

Nancy answered the phone and actually talked me into going back to the first doctor.

She’s that good!

She explained the process to me, gave me some options and told me the probability of sitting for 40 minutes in her office were slim to none. She said that if things didn’t work out with this doctor, she’d be more than happy to schedule an appointment for me.

What Nancy did right

  • She listened – I was still in a venting mood and she let me do so even though her office was not to blame.
  • She offered options – even with the bad news (go back and see your doctor) she offered me solutions and explained why these solutions worked in my favor.
  • She told the truth – she validated what the other doctor’s office said, took the time explain why and even explained other treatment methods available.
  • She reassured me – she said she would take care of me if I things don’t work out with this other doctor; all I needed to do was call and I believe her.

Do your customer service representatives know how to calm a frustrated and angry woman and turn them into a raving fan? The staff at Southwest Allergy & Asthma Associates know how.

Nancy, you totally rock.

Oh and by the way, I got my copay back.


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