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I was recently a guest on The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show and had a blast! I was asked to share my top five marketing tips on the show so I thought I would share there here as well.

So here they are; my five tips on successfully marketing your business:

  1. Know your business. Seems like a given but you would be surprised at the number of entrepreneurs who can’t tell you succinctly and definitively what they do. They’re not clear themselves. Know your business…know your industry. A wise man once told me that… [tweet_box]Confused people will not buy from you.[/tweet_box]
  2. Know your audience. Businesses and organizations can get so wrapped up into their mission and goals that they forget about their audience. They create materials that speak to their board…to everyone in the office but not to the person they need to buy their product or service. Learn what you can about the people doing the buying and then remember everything you create is for them.
  3. Marketing is not a sprint. Those new to entrepreneurship please understand it takes time to find and gather your audience and then gain trust from that audience. Fine tuning a strategy doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t be mad because you sent out a bunch of postcards and no one responded. [tweet_box]Marketing is a long distance event. [/tweet_box]
  4. Have a good story. Who doesn’t love a good story? Stories have a way of connecting us and you need to create one for your audience. If writing isn’t your thing, hire someone to help craft that story for you. The story Dove is telling right now is how those of us with curly hair should love it and be at peace with it. They pulled us in with great individual stories from curly-haired girls and their moms.
  5. Work what works for your business. A colleague shared that one of his clients isn’t on social media. That almost sounds blasphemous! They went on to explain that they had a lucrative email list and didn’t need to be on social media. They could send out an email and meet their sales goals. Again this goes back to point #3, it will take time to perfect your marketing secret sauce. A little bit of personal selling, a dash of social media, a handful of direct mail…a heaping tablespoon of online advertising…you work what works for your business. The beautiful thing about all of this is that marketing is fluid and can change as your audience and company changes.


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