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drive traffic to your site the marketing stylist

You want traffic to your site. Lots of traffic. You want that traffic to linger and visit other areas of your site. You want traffic to produce new traffic by sharing your content and you’d love for them to ultimately hit the “buy now” button.

Well those things can’t happen if we inadvertently drive those unique views away.

Here’s how to keep driving traffic to your site:

  • Create a variety of great, relevant content. Long blogs. Short blogs. Videos. Hot topics. Thought provoking content. Add it all to your mix.
  • Embed EventBrite into your site. Don’t drive traffic to EventBrite, add the code to your own site and keep traffic on your site where it belongs. Here’s how.
  • The Fight Over Your Videos. It’s been proven that videos are one of the best tools a blogger/business owner can utilize and Facebook knows it. When you upload your video directly to Facebook, it automatically starts playing in newsfeeds. This means potentially you get a lot more views. Here’s the rub, those views aren’t being played on your site. They’re being played on Facebook but these do show up pretty high on web searches. My suggestion is to post a link back to your site offering something amazing to get those eyeballs back over to your site immediately.
  • Pay-to-Play. Yes you can advertise on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Create posts that take readers back to your site. It’s up to you on how much you want to spend and which content deserves the spend.
  • Share links on social media. And just because you posted it once, doesn’t mean you can’t post it again.
  • Niche Groups. I’m a member of Houston African American Bloggers and they share members content via their social media channels. It’s a great way to get more eyes looking at your site! I appreciate them for this!
  • Feature Someone Influential. Now this could backfire and it really depends on the person. A dear friend of mine lined up an interview with world renown guru who turned out to be total jerk! They didn’t promote as stipulated in the contract and was otherwise unprepared and uninterested. When these types of collaborations work well, your influential guest is sharing your event with their audience and garnering lots of attention and lots of visitors to your site. Just tread carefully.

Here’s a bonus tip! Answer specific questions based on keyword or phrase popularity. Have your own solution for what people are really looking for. I still get people to my site who have searched Lucky Brand Jeans! There’s still much to be said for writing to keywords and phrases!

Here’s to growing your unique views beyond your wildest dreams and adding lots of targeted emails to your list for good measure!


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