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Be Free of Email List Envy in 2013

By December 28, 2012December 29th, 2016No Comments

I wanted to call them a liar but I knew it was the truth.

Someone I respect said that one of their clients didn’t use social

Unimaginable? Unbelievable? Is that even possible in this day and age?

Apparently their email list was so good and brought in enough revenue that they didn’t need social media.

Their sales staff interacted with clients and product and client need matched perfectly.

I’ll admit, I was jealous!

That was some list and I wanted one just like it.

Is it wrong to say I was inspired by own blog post? Well I was. And I took my own advice and purged and sorted my list.

Those showing signs of list fatigue were removed and of course all the bounced emails were too.

I now have a much smaller list but it’s a list I can work with.

What I now know about growing and managing my email list. 

  • Networking No-Nos – I added people from network meetings who said it was quite OK to add them. The network event host even sent out an email with everyone’s contact information. Just because you meet them at a networking function, doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for your business or add value to your list.
  • Be Like Santa – Seriously, weed out naughty from nice religiously. That means bounces, unopened emails should be segregated from those who are interacting with you.
  • Right Product/Service, Right List – Offering quality product/services is a given but make sure you’re sending the right offering to the right list.
  • Really Good Stuff – You have to give away really good stuff and that good stuff should directly relate to your business. And it doesn’t hurt to change up your product offerings periodically when list building.
  • My New BFF – Targeted landing pages are my new bff. I love them. You can target those with commercial intent and use your best SEO efforts to match you and potential customers. I love my new bff.

Here’s to building a quality list and offering really good stuff in 2013.

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