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It’s been a whole year…What this B2B learned in 2012

By January 1, 2013No Comments

The Marketing Stylist brand is a year old this month.

In this first year I’ve met some incredible people, was blessed with great clients and even learned a few lessons along the way (that’s code for made some mistakes).

Here are a few things I learned from my first year as The Marketing Stylist.cupcake

The Voice
No, not the TV show. This had to do with my message. I remember struggling with this blog and what I would say. I struggled to find my voice in a room full of experts if you will. I learned that I could only be me. To try and imitate someone else would not be received and at best short-lived. So I write about marketing from my experience, from my perspective and it works. My guess is that being you will work too…your voice has a place and an audience as well.

Trust Your Gut
When starting a new venture, you can easily get swallowed up by the amount of information that’s out there. Colleagues may have suggestions about your direction, family members may have their say but at the end of the day, you have to trust your gut and listen to that inner voice. I’m thankful for the wise man who asked me tough questions like are you a coach or are you a consultant? Answering that question freed me to pursue what I knew what was right for me. I gladly stopped doing things that didn’t support the vision and goal of my brand.

Hello…is this thing on?
I have a new found respect for copy writers…good copy writers. Crafting messages to your target audience is not something you leave up to chance. You leave a place in your budget for these wonderful angels. Good copy and good design are a must. Poorly written copy will have you ask the same question the speaker who is obviously bombing behind the podium ask…is this thing on?

Take care
Your business means nothing if you check out early. You have to eat right, exercise and take a step away from your business to do other things. I’m a firm believer in doing things other than work to remind you that you are alive. This is sometimes easier said than done when you’re a one man/woman show. But it’s critical and you make room for it just like you do client calls and emails.

That’s my first year overview!

I know year two will have many more lessons for me and I welcome them.

Have a wonderful 2013 everyone!

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