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It was their first book.
That’s what it took to get the words out of their head and heart and into manuscript format.
With the publisher hired, the manuscript was submitted.
Now it was time to celebrate with a book signing party.
The venue secured.
The guest list finalized.
The menu selected.
The DJ hired.
A week before the event and everything was good to go.
Or so they thought.
Calls and emails to the publisher went unanswered and they still had no book.
When they did finally get someone, they learned that the book hadn’t even been edited and it certainly hadn’t been printed.
There would be no book at the book signing.
There would be no refund on the venue.
There would be no refund from the caterer.
The event was a week out.
That’s when I get the frantic call.
We needed a PLAN B—FAST.
The first thing was to devise a solution for not having a book at a book signing.
☑️ Create a postcard with the cover of the book that the author can pass out and sign at the event. Designed it, and off to the printer for a quick turnaround.
☑️ Start editing the book. Thankfully, it wasn’t in bad shape. However, it was filled with song lyrics—in full. I asked had they gotten permission from the songwriters and they said no. The publisher told them it was okay to print copyrighted material in their book. 😡🤬😭
After I yank all the song lyrics out of the book, I laid out their words, reworked the cover, took one of the ISBN numbers I owned and assigned it to the book, and then off to a print-on-demand house the book went.
The book signing with no book went off without a hitch. People were understanding and still smiled and took photos with the author and the postcard I pulled together at the eleventh hour.
This is what I do.
I help you tell your story.
Even during a crisis. Even when it looks impossible.
Now, this type of superhero work does not come cheap.
But if you ever find yourself in a storytelling crisis…I can assure you…I am experienced and can certainly help.

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