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There I was, reading some article I’d followed from Facebook. I still don’t remember what the link was. All I know is that the author’s words made me stop and rethink email marketing. Again. Currently, I have over 48,000 unopened emails in my inbox. Now, I do have several email accounts coming into one Google hub, but still, 48,000 unread emails. Don’t get me wrong. I scan subject lines and if it’s interesting, I open it. If not, I keep scrolling. The writer said she signs up to get the free download, template, white paper, checklist, puzzle, quiz, some company or coach is offering. But as soon as she gets it, she unsubscribes using an app called It will automatically unenroll you from email lists.
As a marketer, I’m appalled. As a woman with 48,000 unread emails, I’m intrigued. I have always had a love/hate relationship with email marketing.
Here’s what I know:
  • You need an email list— a way to connect with customers outside of social media because social media networks go down.
  • The right list can make you money — send well-crafted, relevant correspondences, and you can generate revenue.
But I also know there’s email fatigue. If the subject line doesn’t motivate me or intrigue me, it becomes one more unopened email added to my unread list. This is especially true of monthly newsletters. I know email fatigue to be true of those receiving cold pitches, and sales inquiries. Sometimes you do a lot better in a DM than an email.
So my fellow business owners, should you grow and maintain a worthy email list?
But here’s what you have to remember.
  1. They may ditch you immediately after they get your free thing. Chalk it up to them not being the right customer and they just saved you some money. The more people on your list, the more your email marketing servicer charges.
  2. The responsibility is yours and yours alone to create subject lines worthy of being opened. That means you should spend MORE time on crafting a subject line that will pass the email inbox scroll.
  3. Find the right frequency for your audience. I’m telling you now, emails that have the nerve to email me twice a day about a five-pack of underwear on sale get’s deleted immediately and I unsubscribe posthaste.
  4. Be sensitive. We’re all being marketed to. It’s noisy and crowded out here and everybody wants to be seen and heard. Remember that before you schedule your content and make sure it’s truly adding value to your audience.

Market wisely, everyone.

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