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At the time he was going by the name of Tonex…now he’s B.Slade (still love him and his work).

We went to hear him in concert and my teenage daughter was beyond excited.

To say he was her teenage crush would be an understatement.

After the concert she said, “Oh! My! God! Tonex was singing to me!”

Never mind the scores of people in the building, Tonex was singing to my daughter and you couldn’t tell her otherwise.

Was he really?

Not likely.

We were up in the balcony.

Even though he was singing to a room full of people he was able to make a fan feel as though she was the only person in the room.

That’s pretty powerful.

And that’s something marketers and business owners need to remember.

Our target audiences are made up of individual people and they want personalized experiences with our businesses and brands.

Yes, we group them into segments and study overall behaviors and patterns and hope we can create messages and visuals that connect them to our businesses and brands. But at the end of the day, I believe the customer, the fan, the end user, the client all want to connect with us just as my daughter did with Tonex at that concert; they want to feel like the only one. And current trends are pointing to a more personalized experience.

So how do you deliver that kind of experience with all the people that make up your audience? How do you create such brand moments?

Is that realistic?

Is it even possible?

Yes it is.

First, you have to have a good story.

Dove is doing a great job of this with their recent campaigns and here’s the great part…they’re not telling their company’s story.  They are telling their audiences’ story and it’s resonating! The audience identified with the story and responded online and in the stores.

Second, know the problems facing your audience so you know what story to tell.

Dove knew the discontent many people have with their bodies and their hair. How we look is a big deal for men and women alike and as a society we’re really stressing over recreating what we see on TV and in magazines. Dove is reminding us to chill out and embrace ourselves and to be kind to ourselves. I love them for this. So [tweet_box]Know the problem your audience faces and then have a darn good solution and story to tell.[/tweet_box]


Lastly, pick a good distribution vehicle (channel/s) for your message.

I don’t know if Dove would have gotten the response they did had they sent out the campaign only using direct mail (hey direct mail still works…just probably not best choice for this campaign). You want to get the biggest impact so give a lot of thought (and do some testing) as to how and where you’ll distribute.

These are by no means the only three things you can do to create meaningful brand moments with your audience but they should definitely be included!

Here’s to creating #brandmoments your audience will remember.

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