Target Audience

Toaster Strudel, Millennials, and the Female Creative Director

It was something Kat Gordon said in our interview that connected with the TV commercial I was watching. I watched the commercial dazed and my very first thought was that there’s no way a female creative director came up with this concept. I could be wrong but not likely. That pesky three percent number persists […]

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Frustrated because your message isn’t connecting?

Finding the right message to connect with your audience doesn’t typically happen overnight. Did you know the popular odor eliminator Febreze initially struggled to connect with its audience and the project was almost scrubbed? It’s true. According to The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg, […]

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Is it time to change the theme of your message?

I’ve witnessed an about face by two major companies in their advertising theme. DriveTime and J.G. Wentworth have shifted from their “humorous” or light-hearted advertising to ads designed to pull on one’s heart or convey compassion and understanding. DriveTime entered the market with a series of ads that were in my opinion silly and good […]

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