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Don’t let passion misdirect your message

By March 12, 2013No Comments
line of people

Representatives of your target audience.

What organization or company isn’t passionate about their message?

You’re so excited that sometimes it’s real easy to forget the audience.

Especially when it comes crafting a message to that audience.

We tend to pitch it from our perspective.

We can go on endlessly on we think our program or our widget is so wonderful and all the change they will produce.

But here’s a gentle reminder, you have to remove yourself from the process.

You must always look at your product or service from the eyes of your target audience.


No matter how wonderful the product…how revolutionary the service or program, you’ll have to pitch it in such a way that the people you want to buy sees the message immediately and connects with them.

Trust me, this can be easier said than done.

Because day in and day out you’re surrounded by people who think your product or service is wonderful too, so they can’t always be counted on to give unbiased feedback.

But this is feedback your target audience wants you to hear and act on. They want to connect with you, you just need to speak their language. You need to focus on them.

Don’t forget your target audience when you’re crafting your message and building your ad.

It’s easy to get consumed with what you do and even easier to forget the audience’s perspective in this exchange.

Passion is good. It just needs to be channeled toward the end user.

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