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How To Use Hashtags

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You may remember it being called the pound sign, or the symbol for a rousing game of tic-tac-toe. Today it’s called the hashtag and it can help amplify your message on social media networks.

How to use hashtags has caused some small business owners a bit of confusion. Especially when you see posts with hashtags like this: #seeyoulateralligator or #imnevergoingtorideanotherrollercoasteragain.

Think of hashtags as a way to group or categorize topics.

Your Expertise

Ask yourself what three-to-five things you want to be known for and are there hashtags for them.

If yes, you want to start using those hashtags in your social media posts.

Using hashtags allows your post to be seen with other posts using the same hashtag thus amplifying your message beyond your current friends list.

Journalists have been known to search social media using hashtags for story ideas and great quotes so if you’re looking to attract the media, using hashtags is one way to do so.

People like you

On Twitter, when you use hashtags properly and accompany it with great content, you’re very likely to get added to lists—a curated grouping based on various topics. This can be very good exposure for your business. It means someone thought enough of your content to add you to their curated list on a certain subject.

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Hashtags Not Created Equal

Hashtags on Twitter may not be the same on Instagram or Facebook. So you’ll have to do a little research to find the right hashtag for your content.

Using hashtags the right way can definitely amplify your message and expose your brand to more people.

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