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“Many people don’t understand that in order to be successful you need [a] strong team of unique individuals and an even stronger support system motivating you through it all.” – Angela Simmons, Feature Article, I Am Limitless, Urban Up Media

Successful businesses have teams.

The number of people who do what you do, maybe even do it better than you (but never quite like you) can be in the thousands—maybe even millions when you start thinking globally. Global competition has forced a lot of prices down. There’s a virtual assistant in Pakistan who charges $5.47 per hour and is used by some pretty influential people. They’re listed on this VA’s site as examples of her work. I wonder if they know this? She’s obviously very good at what she does and she does it for five dollars and forty-seven cents per hour.

So experts and search engine optimization best practices tell us that in order to be found online we need to create original content, packed with searchable keywords and phrases. This morning I read a great article about how to make your content stand out because everybody is creating content. You can read it here. Entrepreneurs are writing blogs, creating YouTube videos, infographics and memes. We’re writing white papers, ebooks, case studies, witty social media updates all in an effort to be seen and draw our target audience into our sales funnel. It’s noisy on the world wide web and no one wants to be banished to page three of any web search.

That’s why Angela’s quote really resonated with me.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a team to build a successful business complete with mentors, coaches and experts in various fields including finance. I appreciate that influential people like Angela get this. According to the I Am Limitless article, Angela “understands the struggles of being unheard in the industry and not being able to be seen so she’s striving to help as many creative individuals as possible by market their brands on her site.”

If you follow Kristi Jackson of the WomenCEO Project, you know that she teaches her clients that you have to come from behind your computer and get out there and meet people. I wholeheartedly agree. In addition to being good, you have to do all these things and connect with influential people who can help amplify your message…people like Angela.

With baby boomers opting to forgo retirement and reinventing themselves as consultants and small business owners and the millions of chronically unemployed during the Great Recession who turned to entrepreneurship, it’s crowded out here in the marketplace and on the Internet and certain markets are saturated.

I recently finished a report on the collaboration habits of women business owners and one of the findings showed that nearly 35 percent of all the women surveyed classified themselves as a consultant or coach. If we were to take a bigger survey, we might just find this industry saturated making it that much more difficult to be seen, heard and experience the success promised by many.

Entrepreneurs, the rules of the game haven’t changed. To be successful not only do you have to produce good work, you have to have strong teams in place to help amplify your message.

I like Angela’s quote, “you need a strong team for your business and an even stronger team to keep you motivated.”

What can I bring to your team? I’m the one who makes sure your brand doesn’t go out in the world with the proverbial spinach in its teeth. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session today!

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