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Say Thanks With Chicken On National Chicken Wing Day [Infographic]

By July 29, 2013No Comments

Here in the United States, it’s National Chicken Wing Day and we love our chicken wings—especially Buffalo wings. They attend most of our sports events and according to the National Chicken Council, Super Bowl Sunday is the highest day for wing purchases. It’s that serious.

Want to try something different? Chicken wings and waffles are delicious! There are several spots here in the Houston area that serve up the fare. If you’re in Los Angeles, you go to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. Roscoe’s is legendary! This sweet and salty combination is a great alternative to the customary Buffalo-styled wings. Roscoe’s serves the traditional, thin waffle while here in Houston, Belgian waffles accompany our wings. Both are delicious.

Today is a good day to call up your best meat-eating client and invite them to lunch for either a plate of Buffalo-wings or chicken and waffles. Or call your favorite wing place and have them deliver a few to the office for you and your staff as a way to say thank you. (Salad for dinner, OK?)

Below is an infographic that shows just how much we love wings and how that love is divided between the sexes!

Bon Appétit!



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