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Congratulations! You’re making plans to expand your business and adding staff is part of that expansion. But what about hiring your first employee? Can’t you just 1099 them?
Arquella-Hargrove Arquella Hargrove
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This week we talk to HR consultant, Arquella Hargrove and she shares what pitfalls to avoid and what options small business owners have when hiring their first employee. Have you considered using a staffing agency to do some of the labor intensive work like sorting through resumes and testing potential candidates? Arquella shares tips just like this and much more on this week’s episode.

Enjoy the show!

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  • Highest line item on most budgets is payroll. #smallbusiness @arquellahargrov @LisaNAlexander
  • Hire slowly. Fire quickly. #smallbusiness #hr @arquellahargrov @LisaNAlexander
  • Consider #staffingagency for #recruiting. #smallbusiness #hr @arquellahargrov @LisaNAlexander
  • Looking for qualified #candidates? Consider your state’s #employment agency. @arquellahargrov @LisaNAlexander
  • Highest line item on most budgets is payroll. #smallbusiness @arquellahargrov @LisaNAlexander
  • #Smallbusiness owner, get #tax #credits for #hiring veterans. #hr @arquellahargrov @LisaNAlexander

About Arquella HargroveArquella is all about solutions through a uniquely personal and customized approach, working with clients to objectively assess the situation, investigate options, and skillfully design and implement the solution that achieves her client’s goals and maximizes long-term results.

With 18+ years experience in Human Resources Management, Arquella is able to partner with leaders in the areas of hiring decisions, personal development plans, soft skills and training strategies, leadership development, conflict resolution, and team development. She has targeted issues and tasks to wide scope exploration of individuals’ professional experience, values and goals. Her clients range from non-profit to global fortune 500 companies.


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Next show dates:  January 24 and February 7

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