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ShopTalk Ep 13: BES-Working With a Bookkeeper

By January 23, 2014December 29th, 2016No Comments

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When it comes to conversations about bookkeeping and accounting, the public usually hears about companies who cook the books or the artist who’s in trouble because their tax preparer failed to prepare them. It can all be pretty intimidating for any small business owner.

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Most small business owners continue to do their own books because they fear getting taken advantage of. On today’s show, we talk to Byron Davenport of Bookkeeping Express and he shares how small businesses can successfully work with bookkeepers and keep their CPAs happy at the same time.

Save time and reduce the stress over having someone else keep your books by listening to this weeks’ podcast. Enjoy the show!

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Mentioned on the show:


  • Hiring a bookkeeper? Get references! @BKE_Katy  @LisaNAlexander
  • Make sure you pay yourself. Put yourself on payroll. @BKE_Katy @LisaNAlexander
  • Hire another company to audit/review your books. @BKE_Katy @LisaNAlexander

About Byron Davenport: Byron is the Director of Business Development for the Katy Bookkeeping Express office. He grew up in Texas with a father who owned and ran five companies so I grew up with an entrepreneur. Byron also ran his father’s business at the age of 16 years old. He then joined the Navy and served for 10 years. After the Navy, Byron worked at various jobs within the educational industry until he became a partner at BookKeeping Express in Katy Texas. Now he has the pleasure helping companies get to the next level in their business. He can be contacted at 832-576-8795.


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