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When I first started soaping, I came across this silicone mold at one of those dollar stores. I thought they would make interesting sample soaps so I bought three of them. At the time I questioned whether or not to buy more but decided against it. I had no idea if the smaller soaps would sell.
When I bought the molds they didn’t come with any packaging or labeling so I had no idea of their proper name.
I just called them flower molds.
A year later, these little soaps would become very popular and I needed to make more than a dozen or so at a time. I needed more molds but every Google and Amazon search of “flower molds” yielded nothing.
Frustrated I reached out to a FB group and asked for help. Someone suggested I recreate the mold…YouTube would explain the process.
Then it happened.
Someone saw my post, saw the mold, and said, “Oh, those are Cherry Blossom molds” and gave me a link to an Etsy store that carried them.
After a year of searching, I finally had a name for my mold.
When I Googled their proper name, these silicone molds flooded my search results. I was able to buy them in bulk from Alibaba.
The point of my soap mold tale?
Names matter. Classifications matter. SEO matters.
Had I known the proper name for my mold, this search would have ended a year ago.
Merrilee Kick of Southern Champion/BuzzBallz, Anne Staines of Sagent Marketing, and Loreen Gilbert of Wealthwise Financial Services all agree in my book, What Million-Dollar Brands Know that brand and business names matter. (Merrilee has a great story about BuzzBallz in the book!)
Event names matter. And so do book titles for that matter.
What you name a thing, how you classify it, the SEO you create around it can result in your target audience easily finding you. Or it could mean the loss of a client or customer and potential revenue.
Not being found?
Need help with a name or brand positioning?

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