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Man, that’s some list!

By June 13, 2012December 29th, 2016No Comments

Believe it or not, there are some companies that do not use social media in their marketing efforts. They don’t have too. They have an email list that is seriously working for them. That’s what I learned from a colleague on Facebook the other day.

That’s one heck of a list.

This company sends out targeted messages to their list and the list responds. They don’t need social media to have conversations with their customers; they’re already having them offline.

Proving once again that in marketing you work what works for you and your company. It also reinforced the fact that marketing efforts should be diverse. The company with the killer list is using email marketing and in-person selling.

But how do you build a list of 20-50K interested customers who will actually open your email and take action?

Make no mistake; it will require lot of hard work to build a robust, responsive and high-quality mailing list. And acquiring email addresses is just a small part of the large process of email marketing. You should be building an individual relationship with every person behind the email address. If you begin this process incorrectly, your chances for building a rewarding relationship with the subscribers is dramatically reduced. On the flip side, if the company proves itself worthy to its list of subscribers, then many happy years lie ahead for both parties.

There are a few ways to build a killer list.

  • Give them what they want. Offer potential customers a free eBook, report, white paper or mp3. Something that potential customers will value. And don’t be afraid to change out your free offer. I recently swapped out my free offer and am seeing much better traction. And that’s the wonderful thing about marketing; you can always change what isn’t working for something that does. Oh and be sure to give away GREAT free content. Leave them feeling good about what they just received.
  • Promote, promote, promote! Use social media to promote your free offer. If it fits your business, offer a contest to build your list.
  • Be SEO savvy. You want to be found by potential customers during Web searches so make sure your keywords and description are sticky—meaning they attract the right people to you.

Happy list building everyone.

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