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Wait, my app doesn’t do that!

By June 22, 2012No Comments

I was in a meeting with an iPhone user.

She pulled out her phone, I pulled out mine. I have the Samsung Galaxy II and I love my phone.

We were using our LinkedIn apps and that’s when I noticed the difference. All apps are not created equal. Her iPhone LinkedIn app had features that my Android LinkedIn app did not and I was shocked. I felt cheated!

I will always be a fan of Apple. I love their innovation and they put out a pretty decent product. I was on cloud nine when I got my Macbook and could finally retire my Vaio. So long Windows Vista! But I don’t understand the app differentiation. Shouldn’t a LinkedIn app be the same on both?

I won’t give up my Android phone for lots of good reasons. You can read them here. Not to mention I’ve conducted my own drop test if you will and let’s just say Samsung knows how to build a durable phone. Never a cracked screen…ever and I need two hands to count the number of times I’ve dropped my phone. One iPhone user complained that her phone had to be replaced every year due to some kind of crash. But this post isn’t about hardware and operating system as it is about apps and how apparently they differ.

As a business owner, the apps on the Apple system are plentiful and make doing business on the go much easier. Android users are still waiting for Cardmunch and now I wonder if it will even offer the same features.

So while I won’t be getting an iPhone, I will get an iPad which solves my business app problem.

Have you noticed any app differences? What apps do you recommend once I get my iPad?

Have a great weekend!

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